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Yuri Tamura
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Yuri Tamura (田村 ゆり Tamura Yuri?) is Tomoko's classmate. She officially meets Tomoko during class when the teacher puts her, Yoshida, and Ucchi in Tomoko's group for the school field trip to Kyoto.  



Yuri is calm and collected, often acting as mediator between Tomoko and Yoshida. She exhibits kindness when she tries to befriend Tomoko by inviting her to eat lunch, despite there being no obligation to continue a friendship. So far, Yuri is the only person that is both aware (to some degree) of Tomoko's offbeat sense of humor and perverted tendencies, and accepts them without ever displaying anger or annoyance. In recent chapters, it's been implied that Yuri is an introvert and has only one close friend who she relies on for most of her social outings.


Tamura has black hair which she puts into two low pigtails. She is lean and of average height.


  • None



Tomoko KurokiEdit

Tamura and Tomoko develop somewhat of a friendship during the school trip although, Tomoko does not consider her a friend. Tamura is considerate and friendly to Tomoko despite thinking that she is stupid for aggravating Yoshida by calling her a delinquent. On the third day of their trip, Tamura goes out of her way to invite Tomoko to hang out even though there was no obligation. Tamura's friendliness toward Tomoko extends to their return to school where she invites Tomoko to eat lunch with her and her friend.


Yuri and Mako are close friends who eat lunch together very often, however, they had a fight before the Kyoto school trip which resulted in Yuri being a part of Tomoko's group. They made up afterward and continue to eat lunch together with the addition of Tomoko.


Yuri and Yoshida have a stable relationship, but they are not considered close friends. They hang out a few times after the school trip such as during the sports festival (chapter 88) and walking to school (chapter 95). Aside from those few instances, they return to their other friends, with Yuri choosing to invite Tomoko to have lunch almost everyday.

Trivia Edit

  • Among the three other girls of Tomoko's school trip group, she's the only one that did not misunderstand Tomoko's behaviour as a lewd act toward Yoshida.

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