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Yotchan (よっちゃん?) is a minor character who appears only once in both the manga and the anime adaptation. He is an elementary school kid who is challenged by and loses to Tomoko in a card game.


His personality is all unknown with the exception that he enjoys playing card games and may be a very confident or possibly even over confident individual as is displayed when he willingly accepts the challenge from "Queen" Tomoko and is fleshed out even more so by the way he plays his match showing both no fear or concern during her turns and only seriousness and confidence in his own. Not shown to be a talkative person, rather the opposite from what is known.


Yotchan's appearance in the anime varies considerable from his appearance within the manga. In the anime, he wears round glasses and has a spiked up haircut, while his manga counterpart has a messy bowl cut with no glasses. His anime appearance also seems to be a little chubby and is drawn with fishy lips.


Episodes: 08


Volume 02 : Chapter 16


Tomoko KurokiEdit

He is only affiliated to her through this trading card game held at the grocery store. He most undoubtedly knew of her since she reigned as their queen of cards, but has not once seen her until that one fateful day he was challenged, or so that is how it would lead you to believe with the given information.


  • Despite Tomoko saying she wanted to challenge the strongest player, Yotchan's name does not actually appear in the top five card rankings, making him only an above average card player.



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