"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Put On Airs"
Episode 8a
Season 1, Episode 8
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Directed by Jin Tamamura
Written by Sawako Hirabayashi
Original air date August 26, 2013
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Tomoko grows anxious when she learns her cousin, Kii, is coming over, feeling she needs to look like a 'slut' in order to back up the tall tales she had previously told her. She attempts to cover her body with vacuum cleaner hickeys, only to be scolded by her mother. Whilst taking Kii to the library, Tomoko meets Kousaka, one of the boys she met whilst sheltering from the rain the other day, who Kii assumes to be Tomoko's boyfriend. The next day, they see him with another girl, prompting Kii to confront him, bringing Tomoko's bluff to light. With Kii's impression of her waning, Tomoko attempts to restore her faith by showing off her prowess in a children's card game. After noticing that Tomoko is nothing but a cheater, Kii starts to get a feeling of pity towards her.

Long summaryEdit

Preparation and Kii's arrivalEdit

As Tomoko eats breakfast, her mother tells of her cousin Kii's arrival and announces how she should clean her room in preparation. Adding how it happens each summer. This sparks an anxious side to Tomoko as she has flashbacks of her explaining a boyfriend she doesn't have to Kii, mentioning how they met in cram school and he is already a year older and in high school. Later telling how he only has desires to fool around with her and that she wants to wait until she reaches high school or else it's off, which leads to Kii being impressed with her for her resolve. She is of course anxious because Kii is no longer a small girl anymore, she is now in middle school and as far as Tomoko is concerned, capable of detecting easy lies now. And so she eagerly rushes upstairs to her room and stands in front of her tall mirror going over the way she dresses, how pale her skin is and how she looks, in an attempt to justify going shopping to look like a slut so that her little cousin will believe her tall tales.

Fashionable elementary school kids

Tomoko is jealous that children dress more fashionable than her

Tomoko believes that to look like a slut she would need advice from one, and so she chooses to call her best friend Yuu Naruse, however, she is busy going to the beach with her school friends at the time and so she hangs up. Tomoko proceeds to a store for clothes and as she searches she notices some elementary school girls dressing the way she wanted to that day, and so she takes their lead in shopping. Although once she returned home and looked at herself in the mirror, she acknowledged they did it better than her. Deciding that it was not enough she tried to give herself a hickey, but realizing how time consuming and ineffective it was, she decided to borrow the vacume cleaner from her mother as her she just came in with it. After her mother returned to notice the marks all over Tomoko, she scorned her and as a result Tomoko yelled back at her to leave her alone and that what she does is up to her, which resulted in getting smacked in the face.
Tomoko angry

Tomoko gets angry at her mother

The libraryEdit

As Kii arrives, she is greeted by Hahaoya Kuroki, who then proceeds to tell her how she had gained 4cm since her last arrival. Once asked if Tomoko was in her room, she entered to seeing a red hand mark on her cousins skin. Out of curiosity she asks, but Tomoko thought she meant the circular markings and stated they were hickeys in an attempt to impress. And so they departed towards the library, however, along the way Kii asked Tomoko to tell her many more stories about her boyfriend (That she lied about), only to be quickly interrupted and told the library was just over to the distance. As they entered the library, Tomoko chose to wait in the lobby while Kii searches for a book, which she uses to reflect on not having any new stories. As she sits, a man purchased a cola nearby than sat down across from her speaking about how she was the girl standing in the rain a while ago. Originally Tomoko is angered at the thought, but when he told her he left the umbrella for her on purpose, she immediately assumed that they might have relationship potential that could eventually lead towards romance. As he leaves and Kii returns, they return home. She then asks Tomoko if that man was her boyfriend she spoke so much about, and if he was the one who wanted to do naughty things to her, she said yes and rushed the subject towards Kii doing more work. The following when they returned to see Kosaka entering with another woman, which made Kii concerned for Tomoko. She assured them things were fine and they entered. Tomoko immediately went to the washroom to gather her thoughts, yet Kii had the intent on seeing Kosaka herself and asking him not to be so friendly towards other women. When Tomoko finishes and exits, she notices this scene and stands by the door listening until it becomes too much to bare, where she walks over and asks Kii to wait aside as she speaks to him. While Kii searches a book called "Couples therapy" Tomoko bows for him as appology for the situation he fell in. And for the remainder of their trip at the library and even at home, Kii becomes concerning towards Tomoko, rather cold and empty upon understanding the situation. Tomoko's only statement for this is that she will bring her somewheres nice the next day.
Tomoko bows to Kasaka

Tomoko bows to Kasaka as an appology

The grocery storeEdit

As she brings Kii to the grocery store the following day, she realizes it is in her best interest to try and keep Kii happy, although Kii had already questioned this place being "somewheres nice to go." The only quick thing in mind to cheer her up a bit was to offer her anything she wants, on Tomoko. Kii instantly realized that she is only whiling to spend around a dollar on her. As a result of desperation, Tomoko's last attempt to do something to get Kii in the spirits again was to focus her attention towards the other side of the room towards the wall where a poster hangs. As they approached it, Tomoko explained how the elementary school children all play a trading card game there and that this poster was the ranking chart for their competition last year, pointing out how the first place position was given to "Queen" which was supposed to be her. To help Kii in further believing her, to Tomoko's advantage, they all had recognized her and began calling her just that. This is where she asked for ranks and quickly got through any who were too low until she found the highest skill of the group from where she issued a challenge in an attempt to show off and look cool.
Tomoko prepares to play cards

Tomoko prepares to play cards

The card gameEdit

Tomoko's first card

First card visibly shown in the show

As she challenged a boy named Yotchan, she unbuttoned her jacket to reveal a trading card deck holder, which was the purpose of wearing such a jacket during summer so as to conceal that from Kii until needed if needed. As they began throwing down cards, Yotchan began slowly gaining the upper hand over Tomoko and eventually forced her to cheat. Her hand was down and a card slid out from her sleeve half way onto her palm and as she rose her hand and reached for a card, she lifted it up than quickly dropped it and continued to remove the card from her sleeve to make it appear as though she just picked it up from the deck. Do note, an elementary school child stated that although it seems she may loose, she always pulls out a powerful card at the last moment, which leads to believe she has been cheating for some time. This is where she had won the battle, as her card was too strong, however, Kii noticed what she did and that immediately completed her dissapointment and sadness towards Tomoko, who she looked up so fondly toward.
Tomoko's second card

Second and finishing card shown

Kii departs homeEdit

As they leave, Tomoko asks her if she enjoyed it because she wanted to impress her by showing off. And she then realized she lied all those times in an attempt to make her look interesting and cool and instantly gains all her respect if not more back. Once they return to Tomoko's house, Kii tells her that next time she should come over to her house. (Meaning next summer)

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Adapted FromEdit

This episode is adapted from chapters: 14, 15, 16


  • Kosaka was reintroduced from Episode 03 in this episode, his name was also revealed in this episode.


  • The store Tomoko and Kii traveled to is called "Snacks & Groceries - Nakata Shopping."
  • The aforementioned store allows trading card game matches.
  • Tomoko is caught several times referring to her best friend Yuu Naruse as a slut, but not in a negative way.
  • Hahaoya Kuroki slaps Tomoko Kuroki in the face as responce to her attitude.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Sadako pose during Tomoko's apology
  • Puzzle and Dragons parody (Sympathy Deity Chaos Kii-chan)
  • Magic the Gathering

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