Chapter 113
Watamote c113
Volume NumberVolume 12
Chapter Title Because I'm Not Popular, I'll Enjoy Valentine's Day (Part 2)
Published06 April 2017
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


With Akari’s help, Kotomi gets the confidence to make Valentine’s chocolates for Tomoki. She creates shapes resembling a soccer ball, a baseball, and a bat, but her box gets mixed up with Tomoko’s which contains a penis shaped chocolate. In an effort to stop Kotomi from making a terrible mistake, Akari runs all over the school in search for her, only to find her in the nick of time. Despite Akari’s efforts, the box containing Kotomi’s chocolates melt together and form a penis.

Long SummaryEdit

C113 sport choco

Kotomi's box of chocolates

Akari finds out Kotomi is not planning on giving Tomoki any chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Kotomi reveals that three years ago, she had a misunderstanding with Tomoki which led to him believing she wanted to look at his penis. Despite this, Akari asks her to meet in the Home Economics room to make chocolates. Kotomi decides to make three chocolates: a soccer ball, a baseball, and a baseball bat.

Tomoko and Yuri come into the room shortly after and work quietly at a separate station. By this time, Kotomi has finished making the chocolates and leaves them in the fridge to cool off. While they wait, the two look out the window to check out the club activities. Ucchi passes behind them, holding a bag of chocolates as she searches for Tomoko, but goes unnoticed.

Kotomi and Akari return to the room to inspect the chocolates. Akari offers to stay behind and clean up so Kotomi can catch up with Tomoki before his club activities end. On the way out, Kotomi bumps into Tomoko who is carrying an identical box containing a chocolate shaped penis. The boxes get mixed up and Kotomi picks up the wrong one.

Back inside, Akari overhears Tomoko mention that Kotomi picked up the wrong box of chocolates. Akari panics, takes the box containing Kotomi’s real chocolates and bolts out of the room in search for her. During Akari’s search, Ucchi is seen in the background still searching for Tomoko. Eventually, after Akari is completely flushed and sweaty, she spots Kotomi about to give the box to Tomoki. Akari calls out to her and stops the exchange.

C113 kotomi box

Kotomi's melted chocolates

The boxes are switched and Kotomi’s original box is given to Tomoki. Kotomi is grateful towards Akari for saving her from another embarrassing Valentine’s Day and is relieved to be freed from he curse of the Valentine’s penis. While the two girls speak, Tomoki notices the box is still warm and opens it. He is shocked and mistakes Kotomi’s chocolates for a dick. Unbeknownst to him, the heat produced from Akari when she was running caused the balls to melt into the bat.


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Referbacks Edit

  • This chapter is a continuation of the previous one.
  • Kotomi's "curse of Valentine's penis" is a reference to chapter 47.


  • The melting point of chocolate is between 86 and 90 degrees F so Akari was producing enough heat to get the box's internal temperature to that level.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Valentine's day in Japan is typically a day when females give chocolates to males.

Memorial MomentsEdit


  • "I think I’ve finally been free from the curse of Valentine’s penis…” – Kotomi Komiyama



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