Chapter 110
WataMote Manga Chapter 110
Volume NumberVolume 12
Chapter TitleBecause I'm Not Popular, I'll Cheer On The Entrance Examinees
Published02 February 2017
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


The side-panel narration states, "Mokocchi finds herself instantly captured by her mortal foe. . . "

Tomoko stands directing examinees to a classroom. A few days before, she looked forward to enjoying a holiday break, only to be reminded by Ogino that she had previously signed herself up for the entrance exam committee and now needs to stay and help oversee the high school entrance exams. At the time, Tomoko was stunned to believe she volunteered for anything, but she then recalls the previous April overhearing another student state she would volunter for the "Volunteer Committee" since it only does one thing a year. Back in present time, Tomoko rues that the "one thing they do" happened to take place during a holiday.

Tomoko briefly fantasizes messing with exam takers. However, she sits in her chair and watches the exam. As she sits, she reminisces about her test two years previously. Then when she finished her exam, she felt it must have been very hard for . Indeed, Yū sits with a stunned look on her face. Tomoko opines that "she looks like she just got raped . . . welp, guess she's doomed, then."

Tomoko introduces herself to the girl to her right, who is Hina, but who has black hair. Tomoko gives her a congratulatory "fist bump" but then turns away from Hina before she can complete giving her name. Instead, Tomoko then turns to talk to another girl who happens to be Itō. Back in present time, Tomoko finds her memories of her behavior embarrassing, and she wonders what happened to the two girls.

Back in the present, a girl taking the test falls ill, and Tomoko happily takes her to the nurse's office. There, Tomoko warms herself before the tea kettle. The girl is distraught that she might not be able to proceed with the exams, so Tomoko tries to comfort the girl by reassuring her that the tests are so easy that "perverts" and "delinquents" can pass them. When the girl reveals she promised her boyfriend, who is also taking the exam, to pass it with him so they could go to the same high school, Tomoko responds that she should still rest and she and her boyfriend can still go to a different school together. The girl thanks her for her advice as Tomoko goes back to warming herself.

Five days later when the exam results are posted, the same girl rushes over to thank Tomoko and say that she followed her advice and was granted permission to take the exam later and passed. However, her boyfriend did not pass, and the girl will go to Tomoko's school anyway despite the earlier promise the couple made. Tomoko's goodwill rapidly melts as she concludes that the girl is "scum."


In order or appearance:


  • It is implied that Yū attended a different school because she did not pass the entrance exam.
  • Hina had black hair before entering high school.
  • Tomoko does not remember meeting Hina and Itō.
  • Based on their faces there is a very high possibility that the Exam girl is Imae Megumi's sister.

Memorial MomentsEdit

  • Tomoko gave Hina and Itō a fist bump.


  • "You know, even delinquents and perverts managed to pass this school's entrance exam. In fact, it's so easy that if you can't pass you're even worse than the likes of them." – Tomoko
  • "This school's already packed with delinquents and perverts, and loners. We don't need to keep adding to that list. . ." – Tomoko

"Great . . . so now we've got scum added to our ranks of delinquents, perverts, and loners at this school. . . ." – Tomoko



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