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WataMote Manga Chapter 108

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!

Title: Because I'm Not Popular, My Brother Will Be

Published:  01 December 2016

Volume TBA

Previous Chapter → 107

Next Chapter → 109


Tomoki tries to find out more about Kotomi but he gets vastly different opinions from Tomoko and Akari. In the end, he comes to the conclusion that Kotomi is a “very pure pervert."

Long SummaryEdit

Tomoki goes into Tomoko’s room and asks her what kind of person Kotomi is. Tomoko makes it very clear that they are not friends that that Kotomi is in her words, “a raging pervert."

C108 kotomi purity

Kotomi shows her purity

At school, Kotomi is in such a good mood that she skips around the hall and even twirls with glee. Akari takes notice of her mood and asks why she is so cheerful. Kotomi begins to explain but stops herself, not wanting to rub the good news in her face. Akari nudges her to continue while mentally getting irritated at Kotomi. She momentarily believes that Kotomi confessed to Tomoki but dismisses it, believing she’s too much of a raging pervert to confess. Kotomi finally says that the reason she’s so upbeat is because Tomoki said “hi” to her the other day. Akari is unimpressed and lets her know that Tomoki greets her all the time. Kotomi further explains that just hearing Tomoki’s words is enough to fill her with happiness and wonder. Akari becomes pissed, believing that a vulvar pervert like her should not have the right to say something so pure.

Just then, Tomoki sees the two finishing their conversation in the hall. After Kotomi leaves, Tomoki asks Akari what type of person Kotomi is. Akari becomes distraught and considers telling Tomoki that Kotomi is actually a pervert. In the end, the memory of Kotomi's genuine happiness over something as simple as Tomoki saying hello to her wins Akari over. Through masked tears, Akari tells Tomoki that Kotomi is a very pure person.

Tomoki is nowhere closer to figuring out what kind of person Kotomi is. He heads over to the library where he sees Tomoko confronting Kotomi. Tomoko demands to know what Kotomi did to her brother since he was asking about her. Kotomi is pleasantly surprised that Tomoki was asking about her and simply tells Tomoko that she tapped him on the shoulder and greeted him. Tomoko begins to think the worst and asks if she did anything to her hand before touching her brother. Kotomi is mortified and refuses to talk about “that” in public. From afar, Tomoki comes to the conclusion that Kotomi is a very pure pervert.


Referbacks Edit

  • Tomoki greeted Kotomi in chapter 106.
  • Akari has comes to terms with her perversion, something she accepted in chapter 101.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Memorial MomentsEdit


  • "She’s a raging pervert. Nothing more, nothing less." – (Tomoko Kuroki about Kotomi)
  • "Just hearing his words is enough to fill my heart with happiness and wonder!" – (Kotomi Komiyama)



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