Chapter 95
WataMote Chapter 095
Volume NumberVolume 10
Chapter Title Because I'm Not Popular, I'll Greet Fall's End
Published12 May 2016
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


Consists of eight sections. Section 7 is one page whose story continues directly into Section 8.

A Curious Building: Edit

Walking to school, Tomoko meets up with Yuri and Yoshida. Yoshida mentions she saw a building that looks like a UFO. It is a Love Hotel. Yuri interrupts Tomoko when she starts to explain what it is: "Yoshida-san doesn't know. Don't go ruining her dreams." When Yoshida says it is "probably just a kids' playground," Tomoko thinks, "More like a playground for making kids. . . ."

Impressions: Edit

Entering school, Tomoko realizes Yuri and Yoshida see her reflexively checking the vending machines for change. Yuri assures her that, knowing how Tomoko is like, she does not think her behavior is weird. Later in class, Tomoko wonders if that meant she looks like "some kind of loser who goes around fishing for change in vending machines."

Butting Your Nose In: Edit

Walking with Akari, Sayaka notices Tomoko. Told by Akari that Tomoko is really Tomoki's older sister, Sayaka decides to greet her. Tomoko views in her mind that Akari is "that girl that's after my brother's dick," while Akari stammers embarrassed by her greeting. Tomoko directly asks Akari if she came to her "to ask me about dicks again." She explains to Sayaka that Akari asked to see her brother's genitals while Akari protests. To both Akari and Tomoko's surprise, Sayaka asks why a girl being interested in such things is "weird" to Tomoko. She loudly proclaims that Akari is, "just a pure hearted girl who wants to see Tomoki-kun's dick!"

Anything but the Face: Edit

Sayaka and Akari encounter Tomoki walking with a friend. Akari is mortified by the previous conversation with Tomoko while a sheepish Sayaka apologizes. Akari says she cannot let Tomoki see her face. She lowers her head when she greets him only to realize she is staring at his crotch. She then falls to her knees proclaiming, "Just kill me now!" to Tomoki and Sayaka's confusion.

Suprisingly Well Informed: Edit

Tomoko's homeroom teacher, Ogino conducts a discussion on "LGBT." She asks students to define each letter. The first student Kakinuma does not know what the "L" stands for. Tomoko calmly stands and defines "lesbian," to which Ogino compliments her. Ucchi stares at her intently.

Discovering the Truth: Edit

Yoshino Love Hotel

Yoshida reacts to learning the building is a Love Hotel.

Yoshida sits with two other similarly dressed girls. Tomoko would probably describe them as "delinquents" but not out-loud. When she mentions the building that "looks like a UFO," one friend reveals it is a Love Hotel while the other states that the rooms are really narrow "from Kazu and Reina." As the two gossip, Yoshida looks somewhat surprised.

Monday Routine-Signs of Winter: Edit

Tomoko realizes her routine is to spend the afternoon reading manga at a convenience store then ordering coffee when the cashier asks her if she wants her coffee. Tomoko concludes she needs to find another convenience store.


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  • "Akari's been in love with Tomoki-kun since middle school! She's just a pure-hearted girl who wants to see Tomoki-kun's dick!" – Sayaka


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