Chapter 80
WataMote Manga Chapter 080
Volume NumberVolume 9
Chapter TitleBecause I'm Not Popular, The Final Night Of The Field Trip Has Come
Published10 July 2015
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


On the final night of the field trip, Tomoko ends up rooming with Ucchi. Tomoko hopes that Ucchi will leave to hang out with her friends and leave her alone. To Tomoko's annoyance Ucchi stays. To pass the time, Ucchi turns on a television program that claims the "A or B" answer to a question will indicate whether or not the respondent will "sleep around." Naturally, Tomoko picks "A" which indicates she will "sleep around" while Ucchi picks "B" indicating she will be "chaste." Tomoko "consoles" Ucchi about being a virgin and lies about recently losing her virginity. The inwardly horrified Ucchi asks her about when she saw Tomoko standing without her pants in front of a mirror. Tomoko fears that Ucchi saw her trying to groom herself, falls silent, and vows to find something to blackmail her with. Ucchi finds Tomoko's sudden silence surprising, but she is inwardly glad that she stopped trying to talk to her. Ucchi decides to use the shower then go to sleep. Tomoko, searching, cracks open the shower door, which Ucchi sees. Tomoko notes to herself that Ucchi is better groomed than she then accidentally knocks over Ucchi's suitcase. Ucchi emerges from the shower before Tomoko can return all of Ucchi's items to her suitcase; Tomoko hides one of Ucchi's panties under her covers. Ucchi asks Tomoko if she entered the shower, Tomoko feigns ignorance, and Ucchi wonders if she imagined it.

When Tomoko decides to take a shower, Ucchi notices her panties underneath Tomoko's covers. The embarrassed Tomoko unsuccessfully tries to laugh off "borrowing" Ucchi's panties, which Ucchi finds "disgusting." Tomoko then turns on an anime which happens to be a yuri show. When they go to sleep, Tomoko stares at Ucchi hoping she does not sleep with a "weird face" or talks in her sleep, and Ucchi notices Tomoko staring at her. The next day on the train home, while Ucchi's friends talk about what they should write about for their reports, Ucchi stares out the window. She thinks about Tomoko staring at her.



  • The questionnaire that appears on TV is similar to the one Tomoko asked in chapter 23.
  • Ucchi asks Tomoko why she standing in front of a mirror with no pants on, which is a reference to chapter 73.


  • Ucchi worries that Tomoko might have a "weird" sleeping face or talk in her sleep, only to find Tomoko stares intently at her face. Tomoko is aware how Ucchi sleeps since she notices how she resembles Yū when they slept next to each other in chapter 78.
  • Tomoko is able to take a shower in what seems to be less than five minutes.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Memorial MomentsEdit

  • This chapter initiates Ucchi's belief that Tomoko is a lesbian as well as her growing fascination with Tomoko.


  • "What's with her? Does she think she's better than me because of that or something?" – Ucchi reacting to Tomoko's answer in the "purity test."
  • "She's going to talk about her first time?!"– Ucchi
  • "On the first day here you were standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom with your pants off. Did that have something to do with it?"– Ucchi
  • "Even though she's a virgin she still takes better care of her pubes than I do. . ."– Tomoko
  • "Why is she laughing after stealing my panties!? That's just disgusting!" – Ucchi



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