Chapter 77
WataMote Chapter 077
Volume NumberVolume 8
Chapter TitleBecause I'm Not Popular, I'll Face My Second Night Of The Trip
Published08 May 2015
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


Ucchi returns to the room to find Tomoko, Yuri, and Yoshida fast asleep after climbing Fushimi Inari Peak. The side-panel narration notes: "Everyone's worn out!" Ucchi wonders what they could have done that day. Though she inwardly does not really care what they did, she decides she would feel bad if they missed dinner. Ucchi tries to wake up Yoshida. She touches Yoshida's shoulder, but Yoshida dreams it is Tomoko. She thus dreams it is Tomoko who pinches her a second time, and she violently elbows whom she thinks is Tomoko in the stomach and continues sleeping. Doubled-over in pain, Ucchi rises hurt, shaken, and angry. She leaves the room.

Sometime after 7 PM, Mako enters the room and wakes Yuri up, saying that the group missed dinner. Mako gives Yuri a protection charm and asks if they can sightsee together the next day since it is free time and students do not have to stick to their groups. Yoshida wakes up, sees the sleeping Tomoko, and recalls her pinching her nipples. She punches Tomoko in her stomach and accuses her of pinching her nipples in her sleep again. They comically argue, and Mako decides to leave.

For dinner the group decides to sneak out, but they are quickly gets caught by Ogino. They explain the situation, and Ogino notes that she took rollcall at dinner and everyone checked in which reveals to the reader that Ucchi marked all three of them as "presnet." Ogino brings them to a nearby convenience store to grab some food and then directly asks Tomoko if is making friends.

After they return, Ogino talks to Yoshida and Yuri privately. Tomoko stays nearby to listen in on the conversation and become profoundly embarrassed. Ogino says that she hopes the two girls will be friends with Tomoko. Tomoko returns to the room and sternly informs the other two that she will spend time with her friends from a different class.

Tomoko walks off, annoyed as she believes the rest of the group will pity her now because of what Ogino said. As Tomoko walks around, she sees a boyfriend and girlfriend meeting outside then overhears an argument between two girls over a boy coming from a room. While this happens, Tomoko decides that she really wants a "very school field trip-esque event to happen," and decides to buy a card from a lobby vending machines to watch porn with the group. Yoshida is too innocent to realize that Tomoko wants to watch porn rather than regular movies.

The card does not work, so Yoshida goes the lobby to loudly complain to the staff. The manager comes out and says that the card will not work in certain rooms reserved by schools to prevent students from renting pornography. Utterly mortified, Yoshida storms back to her room. Next door, Ucchi and her friend discuss such matters as one of them talking to a boy. Suddenly, they hear violent noises next door. They wonder what is happening, and one notes that Yoshida is in that room. Inwardly, Ucchi wonders what they are doing.


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Referbacks Edit

  • On the cover the selfie that Kotomi and Tomoko took in chapter 71 can be seen.
  • When Ucchi tries to wake Yoshida up, Yoshida remembers Tomoko accidentally groping her chest from chapter 74.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Memorial MomentsEdit

  • Ucchi takes the opportunity to touch Yoshida.
  • Yoshida elbows Ucchi in the stomach.
  • Ogino's best intentions fail again.
  • Despite her violent exterior and Tomoko's imagination of her as a deliquent, Yoshida is very innocent.


  • "You tried to molest me in my sleep again didn't you?! – Yoshida
    • "What?" – Tomoko
    • "Just like this morning!" – Yoshida
    • "Huh? Are you talking about the time I groped you?" – Tomoko
    • I'm gonna fucking kill you!" – Yoshida
  • "Sneaking out of the hotel at night to go get food is the first school field trip-esque thing i've done since coming here." – Tomoko
  • "Thanks to that Home Room teacher of mine, they're probably going to start pitying me." – Tomoko
  • "Could it be that she's innocent even though she's a delinquent?" – Tomoko, about Yoshida
  • "What in the world are they doing? I don't really care but still. . . ." – Tomoko



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