Chapter 65
WataMote Chapter 065
Volume NumberVolume 7
Chapter TitleBecause I'm Not Popular, I'll Go To The Beach
Published31 August 2014
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


Tomoko, Yuu, and Kotomi finally go to a nice beach, like they previously planned. Tomoko gets buried in the sand and gets upset when she finds out Yuu and Kotomi were getting hit on by guys. She forces them to experience being buried as punishment and goes off to find some guys to hit on her. She fails at being hit on but admits that the day wasn’t so bad, especially because of Yuu falling asleep on her shoulder.

Long SummaryEdit

Tomoko, Yuu, and Kotomi arrive at a nice beach. Ten days earlier, they were at a mall, shopping for swimwear. Tomoko notices that there is swimwear that actually look like regular clothes. Yuu informs her that there are people who don’t like showing a lot of skin so they buy those. Tomoko also notices a pair long swim pants and assumes that there is no top piece to it. She freaks out when she imagines herself wearing it and having her nipples showing. She then goes over to Kotomi and gives her the pants, telling her Yuu said they were cute. Kotomi, mirroring Tomoko’s previous actions also imagines herself wearing the swim pants with her nipples showing. She does, however, come to her senses and decides to pick a top for it, rather than wearing the pants on their own.

Presently, at the beach, Tomoko exits a changing room, wearing a modest swimsuit. Yuu meets her outside, sporting a more revealing swimsuit, which causes Tomoko to say lewd things to her until Kotomi comes out of her changing room. Tomoko, expecting Kotomi to wear the swim pants with no top is disappointed when she sees that Kotomi wore a top with the outfit.

They go into the water to splash around and later take a break on the sand. Kotomi and Yuu bury Tomoko in the sand, while she reminisces about her last summer. She initially feels like this summer has been fulfilling, remembering the summer festival, fireworks, and countryside but later realizes that she hasn’t spoken to any guys all year.

Kotomi decides to get something to drink and Yuu tags along, leaving Tomoko by herself. Tomoko becomes determined to get hit on by at least one guy to make this summer worthwhile. Unfortunately for her, she cannot get herself out of the sand so she has to wait for Yuu and Kotomi to come back. After some time, Tomoko freaks out and believes she is slowly dying from dehydration. She then overhears two guys chatting a small distance from her. Tomoko hopes that they will turn around and hit on her. Seeing that waiting will not get their attention, she decides that she has to take matters into her own hands and ask them to dig her out instead. However, she does not speak loud enough and they leave.

A short distance away, Yuu and Kotomi forgot where Tomoko was buried. They eventually spot Tomoko as a foreigner passes near her. Tomoko becomes desperate to get out of the sand and yells, “F*ck me!!” at the foreign guy. She quickly realizes she misspoke and corrects herself by saying, “dig me.” The foreigner leaves and Yuu goes over to apologize for being late. Behind her, Kotomi is shaking from embarrassment due to Tomoko's outburst.

After Tomoko gets dug out of the sand, Kotomi explains that they got lost running away from two guys who were hitting on Yuu. Tomoko becomes angry and quickly digs two holes. She orders them to get in so they can experience what she went through. She walks away and says she will come back in 30 minutes.

After Tomoko is out of sight, Kotomi sits up with ease, refusing to be buried in the sand. Yuu remains buried and explains that it’s the least she can do for Tomoko. She feels responsible for making Tomoko come to the beach as well as giving her bad memories of the experience. Kotomi disagrees and says that Tomoko is probably having fun in her own way. Kotomi suddenly becomes solemn and says that she and Tomoko would be wasting their summer if they had not come to the beach with Yuu.

Elsewhere, Tomoko has been unsuccessful with her goal of getting on hit so she goes back to dig out her friends. When Tomoko gets near, she sees Yuu getting hit on by two guys and walks away. Yuu notices Tomoko and calls out to her before she is able to walk off. She comes back and Yuu gets dug out. Kotomi makes a snide remark about Tomoko returning so late and Tomoko retaliates by letting her know she was getting hit on only because Yuu was nearby. Yuu then suggests riding on a banana boat for their next activity. They agree and Tomoko takes this as a consolation activity since she considers it a lewd boat. Later, Tomoko falls off the boat.

At the end of the day, the three sit together on the train back home. Yuu and Kotomi are fast asleep while Tomoko reflects on the day. She admits that the day was fun despite thinking she was going die at one point. In her sleep, Yuu ends up resting her head on Tomoko. Tomoko takes the opportunity to revel in Yuu's scent in combination with the smell of the beach, and admits that doing cute things with cute girls like in those slice of life animes isn’t too bad.


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Referbacks Edit

  • In the previous chapter both Tomoko and Kotomi promised Yuu that they would go to a nicer beach.
  • Tomoko references Kosaka when she says she spend last year kneeling in front of guy (chapter 15).
  • Tomoko mentions getting a handshake from a voice actor as one of her last year summer activities (chapter 17).
  • Tomoko references the time she spent with Ki in the countryside as well as going to the summer festival in chapters 60, 61, and 62.


  • Tomoko complains about hanging out with girls instead of guys and says it makes her seem like a protagonist of a slice of life anime. Ironically, she is the protagonist of WataMote, which has slice of life elements.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Memorial MomentsEdit

  • First time Tomoko, Yuu and Kotomi are seen wearing swimsuits.
  • Tomoko yelling, “f*ck me!!"


  • “If I were a guy, I’d definitely want to knock you up.” – Tomoko
  • “I’ve just been hanging out having fun with some girls like the protagonist of some shitty moe S.O.L anime or a 4-koma manga.” – Tomoko



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