Chapter 64
WataMote Chapter 064
Volume NumberVolume 7
Chapter TitleBecause I'm Not Popular, The Three Of Us Will Spend Summer Break Together
Published11 August 2014
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!


This chapter spans from August 4th–17th. Tomoko, Yuu, and Kotomi go bug catching on the 4th and Yuu manages to catch a rhinoceros beetle. On the 10th, they take a trip to a rundown beach and feel bad for dragging Yuu along to such an unsightly beach. On the 17th, the three go to Comiket but part ways with Kotomi who ends up waiting in line to get doujins about the Lotti baseball team.

Long SummaryEdit

On August 4th, Tomoko, Kotomi, and Yuu get together to go bug catching to watch them eat each other, just like they had previously planned. Tomoko gives Yuu a net and refuses to give Kotomi one, saying that she can use her hands since she probably has a pet cockroach.

The three split up and Yuu privately confesses she is not good with bugs. Elsewhere, Tomoko and Kotomi throw their finds into a bucket. They were only able to get a few pillbugs and ladybugs. Ironically, Kotomi was able to find a cockroach. While they observe their pitiful bug collection, Yuu announces that she caught something. They are both surprised by her find and Tomoko informs her that it’s a rhinoceros beetle. Since it’s so rare, Yuu suggests to let the other bugs go. Kotomi hesitates but agrees. Tomoko takes this chance to show her superiority by claiming that she was planning on letting the bugs go from the start. Tomoko gives Yuu some tips on how to care for the beetle as a pet. They walk ahead while Kotomi stays behind. At night, Yuu admires the beetle in its new cage and begins to warm up to it, even admitting that it’s kind of cute. Elsewhere, Kotomi searches for centipede food to feed her new pet.

On August 10th, Yuu gets a text with a reminder about going to the beach. She becomes excited and wonders if Tomoko and Kotomi managed to buy their swimsuits. The next day, the three go to Makuhari beach, which prohibits swimming, barbecues, and fireworks. They see some sting rays in the shallow parts of the water and Tomoko tries to push Kotomi in. Kotomi yells at Tomoko who is unfazed by her anger. They quickly drop their fight when they notice Yuu is distracted and Kotomi asks Tomoko why she chose such a dirty beach. Tomoko tells her that she did it for the both of them as she knew that neither of them had swimsuits. Kotomi doesn’t accept her excuse and they continue to argue.

Some time later, the three girls sit near some railing and look out at the ocean. They observe how it’s nearly pitch black due to the industrial factories nearby. Suddenly, Kotomi notices something floating towards them. Tomoko rushes to the ocean to pick it up and is ecstatic to show them a dried up stingray. Yuu begins to laugh and expresses how she is enjoying being with them at the beach. Yuu suddenly begins to tear up and Tomoko, mistaking her tear of joy for tears of sorrow, apologizes profusely for picking such an ugly beach. Kotomi is also moved by Yuu’s tears and insists on buying their swimsuits right this moment. She also mentions that she wants to go to Comiket before going to the beach.

On August 17th, the three go to Comiket, like Kotomi planned. Unfortunately for her, because of the long lines, Tomoko and Yuu decide to go elsewhere and wait for her while she tries to buy doujins . After some time, Kotomi meets back up with them but does not show them her purchases. When she excuses herself to the bathroom, Tomoko looks through her bag and sees two doujins, an anthology of Lotti’s matches and an illustration book of the Lotti players’ wardrobe. After looking over the items, she and Yuu have the same private thought, “I’m so glad I didn’t go with her."


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Referbacks Edit

  • In chapter 57, the three had made arrangements to go bug catching. Kotomi also mentioned wanting to go to Comiket while they were swimsuit shopping.
  • Kotomi uses the 'Gaagle' search engine on her computer, as was first introduced on chapter 1.


  • This is the first time, since Kotomi's introduction, that Tomoko calls her by "Komiyama-san" instead of "Komi-something-san."

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Mukahari is the real name of a beach in Chiba, Japan.

Memorial MomentsEdit


  • “Don’t you have a pet cockroach or something Komiyama-san? So you can catch bugs with your hands just fine right?” – Tomoko
  • “I give up. I’m going back” – Tomoko



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