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WataMote Chapter 047

Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!

Title: Because I'm Not Popular, I'll Remember My Old Acquaintance

Published: 06 September 2013

Volume 06

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Next Chapter → 048


This chapter shows a Kotomi’s flashback to Tomoko’s past while they were middleschoolers. On Valentine’s Day. Yuu and Kotomi play video games at Tomoko’s house. Yuu goes home at 6pm, leaving only Tomoko and Kotomi together.

Kotomi asks Tomoko if she has a younger brother and starts saying the word “chocolate” but only manages to say “choc.” Tomoko misinterprets this to mean “cock” and assumes Kotomi wants to see her brother’s cock. In an attempt to make her leave, Tomoko decides to gives her what she wants and calls her brother over. Tomoko humiliates her by bluntly telling Tomoki that Kotomi wants to see his dick. Kokomo leaves right away without their notice.

After this incident, Kotomi ended up in a different class from Yuu and Tomoko so she didn’t speak to her much. During graduation, she left without saying anything either, explaining why Tomoko might have forgotten about her.

In the present, Kotomi wonders why Tomoko is trying to befriend her. She later finds out that Tomoki is attending the same high school and decides to befriend Tomoko as well. Kotomi brings up a misunderstanding from the past concerning Tomoki and how she wants to correct it. The subject of Tomoki begins to jog Tomoko’s memory back but she nevertheless complies and offers to call her brother over. Kotomi nervously refuses and Tomoko misinterprets her attitude as being hostile.

Kotomi offers to walk back to class together. On the way, she confesses that she didn’t like Tomoko much back in middle school but feel like they can start getting along now. Tomoko is insulted that Kotomi said she doesn’t like her right to her face and privately takes that as a declaration of war.

Kotomi suddenly spots Tomoki walking back to class and nervously asks Tomoko what to do. Tomoko yells, “you’re that Komi-something that came to see my brother’s cock!!” in the hallway within earshot of Tomoki and other students. Tomoko adds that she didn’t like her either and tarnishes her librarian reputation by implying that Kotomi uses her title to prey on other students.

Long summaryEdit


Referbacks Edit

  • This chapter’s flashback explains Kotomi’s history with Tomoko, which Kotomi alluded to in the previous chapter.


  • Once Tomoko begins to dislike Kotomi, she loses her social anxiety around her and is able to speak clearly without stuttering or blushing.

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