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Tomoki Kuroki
Kuroki Tomoki
Family membersTomoko Kuroki (sister)
Hahaoya Kuroki (mother)
Chichioya Kuroki (father)
Voice ActorYūichi Nakamura (Japanese)
David Matranga (English)

Tomoki Kuroki (黒木 智貴 Kuroki Tomoki?) is Tomoko's younger brother. He often doesn't understand his sister and is bewildered by her odd behavior. A popular and talented soccer player, Tomoko occasionally comes to him for advice, despite him being younger. He has heavy bags under his eyes, just like his sister. He later enters the same high school as Tomoko. (Appears to be 5' 10" that is displayed on Episode 9)? - need proof.


Tomoki is very reserved and distant, even with his family and friends. Despite this, he is popular in his class and admired by several girls.


Tomoki has messy black hair and dark bags under his eyes like his sister. However, unlike Tomoko, he is considered attractive by his female classmates and by Kotomi as well. Although Tomoki is a year younger than Tomoko, he is taller than her.




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Tomoko KurokiEdit

Tomoki once looked up to his older sister and the two were very close. Every summer they would catch cicadas to sell. When they grew older Tomoki was cold to her and tries to avoid her as much as possible. However, he does still care for her when she is in trouble.

He refuses to help her when Tomoko asks him something too deviant from what a high school girl would, or if she acts too arrogant in the process.

Memorable quotesEdit

To Tomoko: "If you were my brother, I'd punch you in the face." (Episode 1)

To Tomoko: "DIE!!!!!"

Tomoki's thoughts: "What the hell is she talking about now"

Why would I have this kind of sister?

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