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Tomoki Kuroki
Kuroki Tomoki
Family membersTomoko Kuroki (sister)
Hahaoya Kuroki (mother)
Chichioya Kuroki (father)
Voice ActorYūichi Nakamura (Japanese)
David Matranga (English)
 Tomoki Kuroki (黒木 智貴 Kuroki Tomoki?) is Tomoko's younger brother. He often doesn't understand his sister and is bewildered by her odd behavior. A popular and talented soccer player, Tomoko occasionally comes to him for advice, despite him being younger. He has heavy bags under his eyes, just like his sister. He later enters the same high school as Tomoko. (Appears to be roughly 5' 10", as is displayed in Episode 9)


As it is Tomoki is very reserved and distant, even with his family and friends. Despite this, he is popular in his class and admired by several girls. However, in the past he appeared to be much more caring towards his sister.


Tomoki has messy black hair and dark bags under his eyes like his sister. However, unlike Tomoko, he is considered attractive by his female classmates and by Kotomi as well. Although Tomoki is a year younger than Tomoko, he is taller than her.

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Tomoko Kuroki - [Past]Edit

Tomoki once thought very fondly of his sister and looked up to her quite effectively. He considered her to be very nice by helping him when he was in need and for playing with him. They even went out each summer to catch cicadas in an attempt to make money for each other by selling them at 1 dollar each. And so, they built up a collection from which eventually ended up being conserved within a box for years. 

He even ended up writting a piece around that time of why he loved his sister so much and listed the above reasons as support. So, they were essentially really close siblings.

Tomoko Kuroki - [Present]Edit

As they grew older, Tomoki began to act all around colder towards her and even tries to avoid her as much as possible, as is shown each time she goes into his room. He does, however, still care for her as is most prominently shown when she is in trouble and is willing to help her when she needs it. This has an exception though, being that he won't help her when she starts asking things too deviant of what a regular high school girl would, or if she begins acting too strange and or arrogant in the process. Generally, this is when he would ignore her instead of going along with her. This shows he can still care for her, just that he won't deal with her craziness.

It isn't uncommon for Tomoki to borrow some games from Tomoko, which would lead you to believe they have at least one similar taste in video games. Because it is known that Tomoko primarily plays otome games and that Tomoki primarily plays sports games which are both very different.They both play the PM3.

Memorable quotesEdit

To Tomoko: "If you were my brother, I'd punch you in the face." (Episode 1)

To Tomoko: "DIE!!!!!"

Tomoki's thoughts: "What the hell is she talking about now"

Why would I have this kind of sister?

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