TomoMote Chapter 001 - -Cover-

Watashi no Tomodachi ga Motenai no wa Dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui.

No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault That My Friend's Not Popular.

Published: 22 February 2013

Volume 01

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Tomoko finds herself waiting outside school only to be picked up by Yū Naruse on her bicycle on their way home for old time sake. During their trip back, they both think into the past on how they first met at lunch when Yū was new to the school and Tomoko approached her, then later how they first started talking in lunch. The topic of nicknames approaches and Tomoko simply gives a white lie about being called Kuroneko. Though she is still called Mokocchi, she installed a dirty thought in the mind of Yū which distracted her enough to look up in a dictionary during class. Later Yū prepares to cycle home upon asking Tomoko if she lives near as she is on foot only to think that 20 minutes is still far and asks why no bike also. This leads a bad memory of a year ago where Tomoko went for her bike and found 3 people making fun of it since there was still training wheels on it. Later, Yū picked up Tomoko and they cycled down a path where she began thanking Tomoko for becoming friends. Not paying attention, Tomoko simply thought about groping her because she is soft and smells great.

Long summaryEdit

The bike ride homeEdit

As Tomoko waits outside what is assumed to be her high school, Yū Naruse peddles toward her on a bicycle. Apologising for possibly making Tomoko wait, she was then questioned about calling her suddenly and the bike only to be told how she just felt like going back home together on her bike like they used to. As she begins to reminisce in becoming friends, Tomoko is shrouded by thoughts of Yū's smell and wonders if she could grope her. 


As Yū is about to experiance her first lunch after moving to her seventh grade new class, the teacher suggested she go eat with her friends. While she remains confused and thinks about talking to someone, Tomoko approaches her and askes to eat lunch together. As Yū agree's, she questions Tomoko's face in her mind.

The other sideEdit

Later, as Tomoko is going on with her normal school life her japanese teacher suggests she go and eat lunch with her friends. She thinks to herself in anxiousness how she is free to have no friends, implying the teacher has no understanding of her situation and thus had created a situation much more impacting than that which already presented itself. As she looks around, she noticed two girls haven't yet found a "partner" and so she chooses the shy-looking one with glasses under the assumption that she can take advantage of her good will with initiative and a charming smile alone.

Nickname #1Edit

Yū askes Tomoko if she has any nicknames. As she thinks, only names such as loser, trash, piece of shit come to mind, so she replies with saying she has been called Kuroneko before. Yū finds it kind of cute.

Nickname #2Edit

Yū suggests the name Mokocchi for the first time. Tomoko thinks of the name and doesn't really like it but realized it's hard to say no to someone you hardly even know, and so instead she says that name sounds like some guy getting hard. Yū repeats the part about getting hard so Tomoko quickly realized she accidentally made a dirty joke only to hear her repeat it again curiously, then to think if she is some sort of idiot.


During japanese class, Yū grabs a dictionary and looks for getting hard because she still doesn't understand it. While she searches she finds it is to rise with force or for a penis to lengthen. As she doesn't know what that word means, she looks for that next and discovers it is the male reproductive organ. She then knows what it is and seems excited about just that.

The reason why she walksEdit

After the day ends, Tomoko asks Yū if she peddles to school on a bicycle and to no surprise she admits it, except for rain days which is when she takes the bus. Being asked is she lives nearby, Tomoko explains it is roughly a 20 minute walk. As Yū states that is rather far away, that only sparks a flashback of Tomoko a year ago going to her bicycle only to find three individuals in front of it asking who owns it as it still has training wheels on it and saying only first graders still need those. She stands there mentally recked.

It's like she hasn't grown up at allEdit

As the two cycle down a path, Yū thanks Tomoko for being friends since she hasn't really had any due to being bad at speaking with others. Although as she continues to praise her, Tomoko is more concerned about how great Yū smalls and how soft she is, wondering if it is ok for her to grope Yū.


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  • The very first time Yū has ever called Tomoko by Mokocchi.

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Memorial MomentsEdit


"I've been called Kuroneko before" - [Tomoko]

"It's talking about a dick!!" - [Yū Naruse]



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