Shiki Futaki (二木四季 Futaki Shiki?) starts as a background character and Tomoko's high school classmate in her third year. Like Emiri Uchi, her face is primarily drawn like an emoticon. Unlike Uchi, thus far, her face does not change.


Futaki does not reveal a personality in her initial appearances, and in her subsequent ones she reveals little, if any, emotion. She first appears in one panel on Yoshida, Mako, and Yuri's shoulders in the cavalry battle when they and Tomoko cannot find each other. Otherwise, these four main characters do not interact with her, and in Chapter 128 Kotomi, who sits to Futaki's right in homeroom, reminds Itō that she also sits next to Futaki, but Itō confesses that she does not really know her.

As with many characters in WataMote, details about her trickle in. She is not a loner; Chapter 128 reveals she has a number of currently unidentified male friends. Tomoki sees her practicing full splits alone amongst the shoe lockers. She does not, however, appear as a cheerleader in previous chapters or subsequent chapters. In Chapter 119, Yuri and Mako notice her furiously playing a video game at the arcade, and in Chapter 128, Futaki reveals great skill at the shooting gallery by hitting all of the targets which earns the praise of one of her currently unnamed male friends. Immediately afterwards she silently gives to Itō the award she just won. Her correction that a suggested destination from the same male friend is "now closed," reveals she has been to the park before.

She does appear devoted to and skilled at various video games. This appears to translate to excellence in marksmanship and table tennis. In Chapter 147, she claims that she intends to attend university but wishes to become a professional gamer.


Her emoticon face consists of two large "dots" for eyes, and aside from the first panel she appears in where her mouth is a small "dash," her mouth usually appears as a triangle. Thus far, the depiction of her face does not change with emotion. Her hair gathered into twin-tails has no shading in the manga which by comparison to others similarly depicted means her hair color exists between a light brown to blond since she has not yet been depicted in an official color panel. She stands about the same height as Hikari Itō who comes up to Tomoki Kuroki's shoulders in Chapter 134 while Tomoko comes up to his face. This should mean Futaki is shorter than Tomoko, yet when they sit next to one another in Chapter 147, Futaki appears slightly taller though Tomoko is slouching.


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Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko appears to pay little, if any, attention to her until Chapter 147 where she notices her furiously playing a dancing game at an arcade. She inwardly nicknames Futaki "Emoji Mark II" (絵文字MK-II・えもじマークフー). Ironically, Tomoko learns her first name in that same chapter.

Emiri Uchi

Uchi may know who she is in that as part of her tantrum over not being placed in Tomoko's classroom 3-5, Uchi rants when Futaki calmly remarks, "Oh. 3-5," when she reads the assignment lists. This could also be simply Uchi's frustration over someone else getting assigned to the class.

Mako Tanaka & Yuri Tamura

Both recall her when they meet for a class party and see her rapidly playing a video game. They also remember her as part of their cavalry challenge team, though they do not identify her by name. In Chapter 144 the new seating lottery places Yuri in the seat behind and to the left of Futaki.

Hikari Itō

Prior to the seat changes in Chapter 144, she sits next to Itō, but Itō does not know anything about her. Nevertheless, Futaki wordlessly gives her the commemorative medal she wins at a shooting gallery in Chapter 128

Memorable quotes

  • "Oh. 3-5."– Futaki remarking on her third-year classroom assignment.


  • She is a very good shot as revealed in the shooting gallery.
  • She is also very flexible.
  • She plays video games.
  • "Futaki" (二木) literally means "two trees"; "Shiki" (四季) literally means "four seasons."
  • She shares her name with Chiba Lotte Marines pitcher Kota Futaki.

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