Teacher Ogino
Title2nd Year, Homeroom Teacher
Family Members
Voice ActorSanae Nakata (Japanese)
Beth Lazarou (English)

Ogino (荻野 Ogino?) is Tomoko's high school homeroom teacher during her 2nd and 3rd year and gym teacher during her 1st year.



A very kind and hardworking teacher, who tries to help Tomoko befriend other people. Though mostly strict, she always tries to support her students anytime possible. This, however, comes off as humiliation to Tomoko throughout of the series because how stubborn the teacher is, despite her good intentions. She also isn't always the brightest, and is a bit too blunt sometimes.


Ogino has short brown hair. She is often seen wearing the outfit for gym teachers, consisting of a high collar jacket and pants. Sometimes she is seen wearing gym shirt and pants, and a whistle for use during gym classes.


  • Season 1: Episodes

Manga ChaptersEdit


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Tomoko is one of the students Ogino teaches in her class. After observing Tomoko in the class for a week, she realizes that Tomoko does not have many, if not any friends at all, in the class. From then on, Ogino has been trying to help and support Tomoko at any time she can, from fixing her nervous and stuttering speaking while talking to people, encouraging her to make friends, to giving her supplementary PE classes. Ogino wants Tomoko to be more straightforward, as well as coming to other people to make friends instead of waiting for someone to find her. Despite not liking to be in contact with her teacher, and often feeling embarrassed when Ogino tries to help her, in chapter 50, Tomoko is shown to actually somewhat appreciate her teacher's help and support.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "You should try to make some friends." - Chapter 40, to Tomoko
  • "Speak clearly!" - Chapter 42, to Tomoko
  • "See, you can do it if you try." - Chapter 42, to Tomoko
  • "But you are a third year. I'm talking about friends in the same class as hers."
"But we hung out at the cultural festival."
"But the problem is that she is all alone in class."
"Even though she's got friends in other classes you are still..."
"But that wont solve anything. What about when you graduate, what then?"
- Chapter 42, to Imae Megumi, about Tomoko
  • "Why can't you ever be more straightforward? Just waiting for someone else to find you isn't going to work."
- Chapter 50, to Tomoko
  • "I know that you've been coming here to watch until pretty late ever since that day we played tennis after school. You can always practice by yourself against the wall and I'll play with you when I have the time."
- Chapter 50, to Tomoko
  • "Staying behind in a class room until evening made my dense P.E teacher misunderstand something and come talk to me"
- Tomoko's thoughts, chapter 50


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