Mrs Kuroki
Kuroki Mom
TitleTomoko and Tomoki's mother
Family MembersTomoko Kuroki (daughter)
Tomoki Kuroki (son)
Chichioya Kuroki (husband)
Voice ActorRisa Hayamizu (Japanese)
Shelly Calene-Black (English)

Mrs. Kuroki is Tomoko and Tomoki's mother, as well as 's aunt. She is referred by Tomoko and Tomoki as "Hahaoya" (母親?), which is not her first name, it simply means "Mother."


Mrs. Kuroki is an average house wife, but she does part time jobs. She is often seen cleaning and not really interacting with her children much.


Mrs. Kuroki mostly acts as a good and responsible mother, but probably did not notice or understand Tomoko's development from a cheerful and loving young girl in kindergarten into a selfish and arrogant middle schooler and then eventually into a gloomy and social inept high school girl.


Mrs. Kuroki is a young woman with short black hair and green eyes. She is usually seen wearing regular clothes, such as a shirt and pants.


Season 1: Episodes



Tomoko KurokiEdit

Mrs. Kuroki gets very annoyed and angry when Tomoko disobeys her or refuses to do her house work, in the end trying to get Tomoki to do the house work like last year, even when he's studying. She gets very annoyed with her and whacked her on the head when Tomoko tried to get Tomoki to do it. Though she does not appear to recognize and understand her daughter's difficulties, she is neither uncaring nor clueless. She does show some recognition that her daughter is dealing with all of the emotional and physical obstacles confronted by a young teen maturing. In a scene in both the manga and anime similar to the scene the anime where her husband walks in on his daughter sleeping with a running "personal massager" and a yaoi game paused on her television, Mrs. Kuroki hears her daughter accidentally broadcasting a mix she made of her recording from a male voice actor and her own dialogue which sounds quite lewdly suggestive. While she pauses for a few moments as her embarrassed daughter freezes, she does not become upset nor otherwise acknowledge the embarrassing situation. She simple turns away and calmly asks Tomoko to come to dinner when she is finished.

Tomoki KurokiEdit

Mrs. Kuroki seems to have a better relationship with her son then daughter, even though she and Tomoki are not seen interacting much. She enjoys that he is responsible about stuff and does the house work when her daughter, Tomoko, refuses.

Mr. KurokiEdit

Mr. Kuroki and Mrs. Kuroki are only seen once together, when Mr. Kuroki brings a cake back from work, she seems cheerful and respectful towards him.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a housewife, but also does part time job(s).

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "Tomoki does his share of house work all the time, not you, and you are his older sister! Tomoki also cleans his room and lately he's even been making his own launches, and what about you? You are a girl and yet your room is a pigsty!"

Image galleryEdit

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