Mr. Kuroki
Mr. Kuroki
Family MembersTomoko Kuroki (daughter)
Tomoki Kuroki (son)
Hahaoya Kuroki (wife)
Voice ActorRyō Iwasaki (Japanese)
David Wald (English)

Mr. Kuroki is Tomoko and Tomoki's father, as well as Kiko's uncle. He is referred by Tomoko and Tomoki as "Chichioya" (父親?), which is not his first name, it simply means "father."

He is hardly seen, and his face is never shown. One can assume he is a salary man working hard to keep his family secure in their lifestyle, although it is apparent that his hard work isn't enough, as his wife also has to work a part-time position.


He enjoys fishing, and often would bring Tomoko along with him. Tomoki would tag along with Tomoko until around sixth grade.

He is very kindhearted towards his family, as when he was going to get Tomoko for some cake, he was presented with an unconscious Tomoko in a rather lewd position, and without saying anything he gently carried her to bed and shut off the TV.



Manga: WataMoteEdit

Manga: TomoMoteEdit

  • Chapters: 12

(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Mr. Kuroki seems to care about his daughter as any normal father would, and their relationship seems normal for the most part. The two usually don't talk.

Tomoki KurokiEdit

Tomoki and his father are usually never seen interacting, if ever. There seems to be no problems mentioned between them, so they're probably on good terms.

Mrs. KurokiEdit

No known problems are shown in their marriage. The two seem to be on good terms.


Not much is known about their relationship but it can be assumed that they are at least cordial with each other.


  • He is a smoker.
  • Although not shown, Tomoko mentions that he wears glasses.
  • In chapter 121, it is shown that he has the same eyes as Tomoko.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "Tomoko, there's cake."


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