Megumi Imae
Megumi Imae
TitleStudent Council President
Family membersUnknown
Voice ActorAi Nonaka (Japanese)
Juliet Simmons (English)

Megumi Imae (今江 恵美 Imae Megumi?) is the student council president at Tomoko's school. She is a year older than Tomoko and is quite friendly towards her.


Personality Edit

Megumi Imae is very warm and kind to everyone including Tomoko. She is one of the few people who take notice of Tomoko and even cheers her on from a distance. During the culture festival, Megumi borrows a mascot costume for the sole purpose of hugging Tomoko in an effort to cheer her up. 

Appearance Edit


  • Season 1: Episodes 11, 12

Manga Edit

  • Volume TBA: Chapters 98, 110, 115, 116


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Megumi Imae takes pity on Tomoko and often helps her out, whether Tomoko realizes it or not. Megumi has done a number of kind acts for Tomoko, including making sure Tomoko wasn't being bullied by Yoshida in Chapter 98.


  • She has a resemblance to Sekai Saionji from School Days
  • The mascot costume she borrowed during the cultural festival is a possible reference to Chiba-kun, the Chiba Prefecture's mascot.


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