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Masaki Yoshida (吉田 茉咲 Yoshida Masaki?)

is Tomoko's second and third year classmate in high school. She has become a prominent character since chapter 72, where they officially meet for the school trip to Kyoto.

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Yoshida is Tomoko's classmate who has a scary appearance and is often referred to as a delinquent by Tomoko. She often acts violent towards Tomoko when Tomoko goes too far, but later chapters reveals she also likes cute things and actually wants friends who share her interests.


Unlike many of the other girls, Yoshida is quick to anger and extremely violent. During the class trip, Yoshida threatens Tomoko when provoked by Tomoko's characterization of her as a delinquent, and she has even physically attacked her on several occasions usually due to a comic misunderstanding. To be fair, Tomoko is not the only one who views her as rough. When Ucchi later offers her a treat from a vacation trip, Yoshida initially yells at her and refuses, then, when trying it, finds the treat "fucking awesome!" to Ucchi's shock. Yoshida does not seem to care much about school as she is seen sleeping during class and not showing up at all two days in a row. Yoshida displays a bit of innocence, which Tomoko and Yuri Tamura politely ignore, when she fails recognize a "Love Hotel." This is an early indication of her fascination with cute things.

She does not really seem to get along with her own group of friends. Her friends neither fear nor respect her as Tomoko, Ucchi, and others do. Her friends freely call her a "moron" to her face which Tomoko and others would never dare to do, and Yoshida initially never physically lashes out at them though this behavior from her friends seems to depress her a bit. However, Yoshida has a line which involves her almost childlike love of cute things. In a later chapter she punches one of her friends, Rena, who ridicules something she finds cute. Tomoko discovers this part of Yoshida's personality when she notices Yoshida's panties have a kitty on them and later finds Yoshida's cutesy cat handkerchief. Yoshida also commands her to win her a stuffed doll at an arcade game, forces everyone to wear cat, mouse, and bunny ears at Mouseland, all the way to making them attend and take part in Mouseland character concert. When Tomoko and Yuri seem to take part with her mainly out of intimidation, Yoshida relaxes and happily embraces the both of them. In chapter 128, she assumes her group will attend the night parade at the park with her. When they protest that they must return for roll call at 4 P.M. she sternly demands that they then return to the park. As the rest stare at her in silence, she becomes very meek and asks if this means they will not attend the parade with her. They agree to do so. This event suggests that despite the "loner" and "delinquent" exterior, Yoshida does not want to be alone; she sincerely wants friends who want to share her interests.


Yoshida has shoulder-length bleached hair with dark roots. She is lean and of above average height, being taller than an upperclassman, Megumi Imae. Unlike many of the girls in her class, she has sharp, angled eyes and small irides.


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(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Yoshida's relationship with Tomoko commences very strained. Based on appearances, Tomoko dismisses her as a "delinquent" on their field trip to Kyōto. For her part, Tomoko takes the opportunity to pinch Yoshida's nipples while trying to wake her up. Yoshida punches in response and remains embarrassed about what happened to her. She refuses to discuss it when Yuri tries to smooth over their conflict. Tomoko reveals what she did to her by inviting Yoshida to "pinch my nipples, please," as an apology. The relationship seems to sour a bit more when Ucchi tries to wake her and gets a little experimental with her fondling and does the same thing Tomoko did. Yoshida dreams is Tomoko fondling her, elbows Ucchi severely, then later blames Tomoko who remains confused since she cannot remember groping Yoshida a second time.

The other cases tend to be comic misunderstandings, such as when Tomoko later reaches behind herself without looking to open a bathroom door only to have Yoshida open it as she is leaving and Tomoko grab Yoshida between her legs. Tomoko does not help the situation with her perverse tormenting of Yoshida, particularly when she begins to understand Yoshida has a love of cute and childish things. Despite her fear of being punched by Yoshida, Tomoko cannot seem to help winding her up.

Despite all of that, she and Tomoko do seem to care about each other. During the trip, Tomoko notices that Yoshida likes high views, to which she asks if it is because, being a delinquent, Yoshida likes to look down on people. Tomoko baits Yoshida to complete a climb for the view. During the climb, when Tomoko sprains her ankle, Yoshida elects to carry her on her back.

Yoshida deeply resents Tomoko treating her as a delinquent. Preparing to leave school in the rain, she senses Tomoko, who does not have an umbrella, watching her but afraid to approach. It bothers her that Tomoko will not simply ask to walk with her in the rain. After they do walk together with Megumi Imae, Imae notices this friendship; though Yoshida denies it. In a subsequent P.E. class when Ogino directs the students to divide up into partners, Yoshida immediately takes Tomoko. Later when they visit Mouseland, Yoshida is delighted that Tomoko seems to enjoy a review that caters to children. For her part, Tomoko notes how happy Yoshida is.

Yoshida's FriendsEdit

Yoshida's Friends C095


Yoshida has two friends that Tomoko also regards as "delinquents." Currently, not enough has been revealed to justify separate character pages for them. They both tend to treat Yoshida as the less-experienced. In Chapter 95, while Tomoko and Yuri ignore her ignorance of Love Hotels, her friends quickly correct her. In Chapter 106, they freely denigrate her desire to visit an amusement park. Their insults leave her hurt and depressed. She would not tolerate such from others such as Tomoko.


Not named until Chapter 130, she has long presumably dyed-blond hair. Her eyes are always obscured. She openly ridicules the more childish aspects of Yoshida's obsession with cute things. In Chapter 125, when Yoshida insists on attending a performance of the Country Bear Band designed for children, she directly insults it which finally provokes Yoshida to punch her. Later in Chapter 130, she apologizes to Yoshida by presenting her with a plush toy rabbit Yoshida pined for.


This friend appears the leader of the three. Unlike Rena, her face is depicted fully. She is slightly shorter than Rena and Yoshida and has her presumably dyed-blond hair tied up in a ponytail. She frankly calls Yoshida a "moron" in Chapter 106 and Yoshida does not respond. Compare what would happen if Tomoko ever called her a "moron." This suggests that Yoshida in some way respects her or feels inferior to her. However, this friend does smooth over the conflict between Rena and Yoshida in Chapter 130. She signals Rena to produce the bunny bought as a present for Yoshida, then calms them down when Rena makes the mistake of holding it by the ears which provokes Yoshida. She also offers to leave with Rena rather than pull Yoshida from her small group, and she does not seem offended that Yoshida is with others. While she inwardly blames Yoshida for the previous conflict, she does not inwardly denigrate Tomoko or Yuri.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name "Masaki" (茉咲) means "Jasmine Blossom."
  • Although she is the kind to resort to violence if angered, she clearly does not hit hard enough to seriously hurt Tomoko.
  • While Tomoko is convinced that Yoshida is a delinquent just like a lot of her comrades, despite her look and overall brusque and profane behavior, Yoshida hates being considered a delinquent, can get along with more normal acting friends, and is willing to help them if they are in need.
  • Despite her severe expression and "delinquent" persona, Yoshida has a serious affinity for cute things.
  • Delinquent: the term Tomoko uses is ヤンキー (yankee).


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