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Mako Tanaka (田中 真子 Tanaka Mako?) is Tomoko's second and third year classmate in high school. They become friends through Yuri. Her nickname is "Makocchi".


Mako is Tomoko's classmate and Yuri Tamura's bestfriend.


Mako is shown to be quite caring, as she felt bad for leaving Tomoko alone to eat by herself at school one day. She doesn't seem to be that assertive and never really stands out much.


Mako is always shown to have short hair, but it is unknown what color it is. Mako is the the only character to have noticeable freckles.


  • None



Yuri TamuraEdit

Yuri and Mako eat lunch very often so it's likely that they are close friends, however that is not to say that they do not have their differences. They were having a fight before the school trip to Kyoto, which ultimately caused Yuri to be in Tomoko's group. They have since made up and continue their friendship, which has extended to include Tomoko in their daily lunches and even group texts (chapter 99).

Tomoko KurokiEdit

Mako sometimes ends up having lunch with Tomoko through Yuri, but otherwise had never directly interacted with her. In chapter 99, when Yuri falls sick, Mako becomes overwhelmed with guilt for not having lunch with Tomoko after she mistakenly thought she saw Tomoko become dejected and start sobbing for being excluded: a repeat of what she did to Yuri during the school trip. She begs for forgiveness from Tomoko, who replies that didn't care anyway (in all honesty). Thinking Tomoko was lying to spare her feelings, Mako becomes convinced that Tomoko is a good person, and makes Tomoko her friend.


Minami and Mako are casual friends. Minami invited Mako to her group for the school field trip to Kyoto and additionally invited Mako to eat lunch together when Yuri was sick from school.


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