Ki Chan
Family MembersTomoko Kuroki (cousin)
Tomoki Kuroki (cousin)
Mrs. Kuroki (aunt)
Mr. Kuroki (uncle)
Voice ActorRie Kugimiya (Japanese)
Juliet Simmons (English)

Kiko (希心?), also known as Kii-chan (きいちゃん?), is a first year student in middle school, and the cousin of Tomoko and Tomoki Kuroki. This also makes her the niece of Mrs. Kuroki and Mr. Kuroki.

In the past her height was 4' 6" (138cm) while Tomoko was in middle school. However, in the present when she arrives to visit her cousins; she tells her aunt that she grew 4 centimeters making her stand at 4' 8" (142cm).


Kiko is the 12-13 year old cousin of Tomoko and Tomoki Kuroki. She first appears in episode 8 to visit the Kuroki family. She is first amazed on Tomoko having a boyfriend and hearing stories about them, but when she finds out Tomoko has been lying to her all this time, she starts to act strange around her.


It is implied that she is cheerful, since she is usually smiling. However, she is not as gullible as she once was before going into middle school, and Tomoko catches wind of this.



  • Season 1: Episode 8


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Cousin of Ki, she calls her onee-chan because she adores her a lot. This eventually changes, after realizing that all that Tomoko says were all lies. She becomes increasingly disappointed with Tomoko, until she eventually just pities her, recognizing that she's just inept and desperate, and takes it upon herself to "help" Tomoko. During Tomoko's stay at Ki's home during the summer she tries to help improve her appearance and hopes for to find a boyfriend at an outlet mall (to no avail though) without Tomoko's knowledge as to why.

In Chapter 104 when she visits Tomoko during New Years, she indicates she has a friend who is a boy, but he is not an actual boyfriend. When Tomoko asks if she ever had a crush on someone or who is her type, Kī happily responses "Onē-chan" meaning Tomoko. Kī explains that Tomoko, unlike her brother, makes her heart skip a beat. Concerned that Kī has a crush on her, Tomoko tries to divert her affections by having her play an otome game. Kī plays it straight, says she enjoys it, but not really develop any relationships in the game. In yet another comic misunderstanding, Tomoko gets Kī to note she likes animals as well, which drives Tomoko to search and find furries. Unknown to her, Kī sees her search leading both to believe the other is into the fetish.

Tomoki KurokiEdit

Tomoki and Ki are cousins, however, they are not very close. They are never seen interacting when she visits during the summer. In Chaper 104 she visits Tomoko for New Years and enters Tomoki's room to greet him. Tomoki seems to find the encounter strange, but Kī does seem to make anything more of it.

Mr. Kuroki and Mrs. KurokiEdit

Ki is not seen interacting much with her aunt and uncle but it is implied that they have a positive relationship.


Memorable quotesEdit

  • "She cheated just to beat a kid in a game."
  • "Silent! Tomoko slut!"
  • "Don't worry Onēchan, I'll still like you no mater how weird your hobbies are!"-thinking to herself.


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