Itō (伊藤 Itō?) is a background character, a good friend of Kotomi Komiyama, and a classmate of her and Tomoko Kuroki in their third year.


Not much is known about Itō, but whenever she is shown she seems to be quite normal and level-headed. She appears mainly as a friend of Kotomi.


Itō appears a nice person and supportive of her friend, Kotomi.


Itō has black hair with her front bangs gathered with crossing bands.


  • Season 1: Episodes 10


(Strikethrough episodes or chapters indicate the character was mentioned but did not make a physical appearance)


Kotomi KomiyamaEdit

Itō is almost always seen in some sort of scenario related to Kotomi. In Chapter 117 Itō states that they have been friends for two years as of that point.

Tomoko KurokiEdit

Itō and Tomoko seem to interact very little, and it is unknown what they think of each other. Itō remembers Tomoko trying to give her a fist bump back at the entrance exam in Chapter 110.


The currently enigmatic Futaki sits next to Itō. Itō has not bothered to get to know her and, presumably, Futaki did not either. However, during the field trip to the amusement park Futaki wins a badge hitting all of the targets at the shooting gallery. Kotomi does poorly and makes excuses worthy of Tomoko. Without a word, Futaki hands the badge to Itō and walks away.


  • Itō plays a trumpet and whenever she can practice alone she usually goes to a specific spot after school on the rooftop.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "We've been friends for two years now, you know. It's kind of weird how just being able to play some of the Lotte's songs makes you suddenly see me in a new light." - Itō to Kotomi


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