Hina Nemoto
Hina nemoto 49189
Family MembersUnknown
Voice ActorYūko Kurose (Japanese)
Margaret McDonald (English)

Hina Nemoto (根元 陽菜 Nemoto Hina?) is a classmate of Tomoko in both their first and second year. She is often seen in the background talking with Okada and Kiyota, but her name is revealed only at the start of Tomoko's second year of high school.


Hina is Tomoko's classmate that secretly wants to become a voice actress.


Hina is sociable, friendly and cheerful; she is usually seen talking and laughing with Okada and Kiyota in class, and often hang out with them after school. She befriends Tomoko at the start of the second year, and helps build up the initiative for her introduction. Hina is very friendly to Tomoko, allowing Tomoko to use her chapstick once. Despite being sociable and having many friends, Hina believes that her presence is usually forgotten.


Hina is rather short (being noticeably shorter than Okada) and has a slender frame. In the anime, she has shoulder-length long brown hair, tied into twintails, and blue eyes while in most of the manga her hair has no color. In a flash back to her high school exam in Chapter 111, where Tomoko introduces herself to her, she has black hair which suggests she lightens her hair. She wears the girls' uniform only with a pink sweater vest.


  • Season 1: Episode


  • Volume TBA: Chapters 110, 111


Tomoko KurokiEdit

Hina and Tomoko have been in the same class since first year. At the start of the second year, she surprises Tomoko by remembering her from first year. She then tells the other students about Tomoko, building up her initiative to give a good introduction. Ever since then, they have been interacting more, and Tomoko is able to talk to Hina sometimes, which is actually a great deal seeing how she almost talked to nobody at all during her first year. In one chapter however, Tomoko interprets Hina's friendliness as a sign that Hina is a lesbian.

In Tomoko's reminiscence in Chapter 110, Tomoko introduces herself to her at the end of their entrance exam. Tomoko teaches her a "fist bump" and tells Hina to remember her name, but when Hina starts to tell Tomoko her name, Tomoko has already turned to another student. Hina can only say the two syllables, "Ne-Mo." Tomoko clearly does not remember she met Hina.

Okada and KiyotaEdit

Okada and Kiyota are close friends with Hina; the three are usually seen talking to each other during class. They also go karaoke a lot.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "I'm so glad you remembered me, my presence is usually forgotten."


  • Hina's last name, Nemoto, is similar to the name of the Gundam model MSA-003 Nemo. The manga makes fun of this, since the MSA-003 Nemo is very easily forgotten, like what Hina thinks about her presence, despite being sociable and having many friends.
  • Her secret aspiration is to become a voice actress, something she eventually revealed to her classmates in Chapter 122.

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