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Watamote - OVA -7...
Family membersUnknown
Voice ActorJunichi Suwabe

Aomatsu (青松 Aomatsu) - the protagonist in the OVA. He is a classmate and friend of Tomoki Kuroki. He had met Tomoko Kuroki at the rooftop of their school (she left the door open with a key that fell from a teacher). At their meeting Tomoko invented a story about terrorist surveillance activities and expert in firearms, warning to Aomatsu not to return.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Aomatsu has tidy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses.

Anime Edit

Episode OVA

Memorable quotes Edit

Aomatsu's thoughts: "Lately, I can't avoid noticing how these people are complete ignoramuses. Do I really belong to this world?"

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