Akane Okada
Family MembersUnknown
Voice ActorAyaka Asai (Japanese)
Ashley Miller (English)

Akane Okada (岡田 茜 Okada Akane?) is Tomoko's classmate since her first year in high school. She is regularly seen hanging out with Kiyota, Suzuki, and Nemoto. Her name is revealed to be Okada in the second year of high school. 


In the manga as well as the anime, Okada appears as a consistent group of Tomoko's classmates. In the manga, she is revealed as a close friend of Hina Nemoto to the extent that she becomes upset when she learns that Hina did not confess her dream to become a voice actress to her.


As depicted in both the manga and anime, Okada seems generally pleasant as part of a group of Tomoko's classmates. More recent chapters in the manga reveal that she is a close friend to Hina, and she feels hurt when she believes Hina will not confide in her.


Okada has long light-brown colored hair that reaches her shoulder. She ties a part of her hair high on her head with a pink band, the resulting look makes her hairstyle somewhat resembles a pineapple. She wears the female student's standard uniform.




Tomoko KurokiEdit

Okada and Tomoko do not appear to have much of a relationship beyond being classmates. However, Chapter 129 reveals that Okada was jealous when she believed that Hina Nemoto told Tomoko that she wants to become a voice actress rather than her, her "best friend." For her part, Tomoko inwardly refers to her as "Forehead/Beetle Brow"--凸 (デコ deko).

Hina NemotoEdit

Okada and Hina Nemoto are close friends and have been in the same class since first year. She has a falling out with Hina which is explained as they reconcile in Chapter 129: Okada felt that Hina did not trust her when she learned that Tomoko knew of Hina's dream to become a voice actress. For her part, Hina felt that Okada started to ignore her when Okada learned of her dream.

Yoshinori KiyotaEdit

Kiyota is a classmate, close friend, and has been depicted with her and Hina frequently. When she makes up with Hina, she texts him to apologize to him as well.


  • Okada comes from the Chiba prefecture.
  • She used to play basketball in her middle school years.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Today sucks. This morning I was molested."

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